Herbalizer Steamroller


  • 9 Inches
  • Hand-Blown
  • Air Carb Hole
  • Bonus Chamber
  • Cools & Diffuses Vapor
  • Designed by Herbalizer

Herbalizer Steamroller

The new Herbalizer Steamroller takes vaporizing with the Herbalizer vaporizer to new, unprecedented heights. it provide cleaner, smoother, tastier and more intense direct draws. this hand-blown glass steamroller is manufactured by Herbalizer specifically for the Herbie. Equipped with an air carb hole for more controlled inhalation as well as a bonus inner chamber which cools and diffuses vapor. this custom glass steamroller fits snugly over the Herbalizer’s magnetic bowl, with rubber grips creating a secure seal. Achieve the most complete and satisfying vaporization experience possible with the Herbalizer.

Standing 9 inches tall, the Herbalizer SteamRoller is the ultimate accessory for the  vaporizer. Made from hand-blown glass, this steamroller will take your vaporizing to the next level.

Glass provides a pure, clean, smooth and intense hit with a rich flavor.

Herbalizer’s SteamRoller boasts a sleek design, with the hand-blown glass featuring the logo. A carb is also included to make each draw a pleasure and give you more control over inhalation.

The bottom of the steamroller is designed to fit perfectly over the Herbalizer’s magnetic bowl. The bulit-in rubber cool grips create a seal, while the inner chamber cools and diffuses the vapor.


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