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Holy Grail Shatter is ideal for; Inflamation, pain, stress. The effects includes: Relaxed, Uplifted, Euphoric, Energetic, Creative.

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buy Holy grail shatter, as the name suggest, is DNA Genetics indica-dominant masterpiece that took prize in the high times cannabis cup of 2011 in the hybrid category. it is said that holy grail kush, also referred to as holy grail OG, is the first strain to receive a perfect score in the category. the strain inherits a thick piney and citrus aroma and taste from its father.its masternal strain is kosher kush, a strain that produces a myriad of effect in both mind and body that can be calming and uplifting

the strain can be very effective medication because it has over 20% THC and as much as 4% CBD. its effect begins with calming of stress and anxiety. holy grail kush may also be use for calm nausea, soothe aches, stimulate appetite, and stabilize moods. Buy Holy grail shatter

The plants are easy to grow with large dense buds that appear in 9 to 10 weeks. The beautiful  buds crystals sparkling makes that much more exciting to smoke.

The perfect strain to smoke when your home from a hard stressful day at work and plopping right on the the Buy Holy grail shatter. Put on some mind numbing TV and let the Holy Grail relax you, ease your mind and best of all take away all types of body pains.


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